Thursday, June 2, 2011

SUMMER ACTIVITIES & CALORIE BURN posted a list of popular summer activities, and how many calories they burn. Here are the top four.

* Water Skiing. In 30 minutes, a 150-pound person burns around 200 calories. And it works your upper and lower body.

* Swimming. Depending on your body weight, just swimming around casually burns between 250 and 400 calories an hour. And if you swim laps, you can burn a lot more.

* Hiking. If you're 150 pounds, you'll burn about 400 calories on a one-hour hike, depending on how steep it is. If you weigh MORE than that, obviously you'll burn more calories, because each step requires more energy.

* Playing Nine Holes of Golf. If you walk AND carry your clubs, you'll burn around 700 calories, or 1,400 if you do 18 holes.


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