Monday, May 23, 2011


If you had a long weekend and you're a little drowsier than usual this morning, here are five quick ways to trick your body into waking up.

* Get a Few Minutes of Sunlight. Even if your office has a big window, it's better to get direct sunlight. So step outside for a few minutes. The fresh air helps too.

* Add Less Cream and Sugar to Your Coffee. It's not just the caffeine that wakes you up. It's also the bitterness. But a lot of people use so much cream and sugar it doesn't taste bitter at all.

* Pull Your Hair. If you tug on your hair gently, it gets blood flowing to your head and wakes you up. It might not work as well as a cup of coffee, but it'll help.

* Stretch Your Back, Neck and Legs. Don't do it in your chair. Stand up and stretch like you're about to go running. The point is to stretch really well so blood starts flowing through your entire body.

* Flip Your Head Upside-Down. While you're stretching, touch your toes and let your head hang in front of you. The massive rush of blood to your head can make you feel more alert. Just don't stand up too fast or it'll make you dizzy.


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