Friday, April 1, 2011


It's April Fools' Day, which means all pranks are fair game -- even if you're a celebrity. So, in honor of one one the most fun days of the year, we put together the best star pranks of all time. Watch the videos for some serious laughs.

Ashton Kutcher delivered tons of memorable moments on Punk'd, but no one was more scared by one of his pranks than Justin Timberlake. When Ashton sent a crew to seize all of JT's belongings because of a (fake) tax issue, the usually cool Justin flipped out.


Before Gaga was Gaga, she was on MTV's hidden camera show Boiling Points. Watch what happened when she had to deal with the waitress from hell.

Another little gem from Punk'd? Kanye getting interrupted on the set of "Jesus Walks." No one comes between Kanye and his music, so you know he took it personally.

Ellen Degeneres is the queen of pranks -- she recently sent Modern Family star Sofia Vergara into a local shop, and fed the actress wild lines that stunned the checkout people.

Justin Bieber better watch his back. He pranked tourmate Willow Smith recently, and she vowed revenge. Check out Justin's practical joke:

Ellen wins again! She totally scared the socks off Taylor Swift one Halloween.

Nick Jonas pulled a fast one on a few of his fans when he appeared on the show I Get That A Lot. Nick posed as a Forever 21 employee, and even chatted with a mom about how bad Jonas Brothers music is. Funny stuff.

Now that we put you in the spirit, get out there and pull a prank!


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