Tuesday, January 4, 2011


If you're a little heavier than you were before the holidays, don't panic. You don't have to starve yourself or go on an extreme cleanse to get back to normal. Here are four HEALTHY ways to detox after the holidays.

* Avoid Sugar and Salt. If you're still feeling bloated, go easy on sugar and salt for at least three days, and avoid refined carbs like pasta, white rice, and white bread.

* Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Than Normal. Doctors typically suggest eating at least five servings of each every single day. And if you've been eating junk for the last month, you need to step it up.

*Increase your intake of the healthy stuff to between seven and 12 servings. It'll help you get all the vitamins and minerals that aren't in chocolate, eggnog, and mashed potatoes.

* Start Off Slowly at the Gym. Take it easy for the first week. If you're gung-ho on day one, you'll overdo it and end up being too sore to go back the next day. A lot of people make this mistake and then NEVER go back.

* Drink Plenty of Water. It's the fastest way to start feeling healthier because water flushes out the toxins in your body. Divide your body weight by two, then drink that many ounces of water a day.


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