Thursday, December 9, 2010

WHAT YOUR PET SAYS ABOUT YOUR CAREER just released the results of a survey where they tried to connect people's pets to their careers.

*Dog owners are the most likely to have a senior management position. They're also likely to be professors, nurses, IT professionals, military professionals, or entertainers.

* Snakes or reptiles. Snake owners are the most likely to earn six-figure salaries. Common jobs are engineers, social workers, marketing and PR professionals, editors, writers, and police officers.

*Bird owners report the highest job satisfaction. Common jobs are advertising, sales reps, construction workers, and administrative professionals.

*The most common jobs for cat owners are physicians, real estate agents, science and medical lab technicians, machine operators, and caretakers.

*The most popular jobs for fish owners are in human resources, financial, hotel and leisure, farming, fishing and forestry, and transportation.


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