Thursday, December 16, 2010


1. The Gift of a Listening Ear. Don't jump to conclusions. Don't finish sentences before your spouse is done speaking. Open the ears and close the mouth.

2. The Gift of Engaging. We are a generation always connected, or always on the go. Disengage with your technology and engage with one another. Pick a night, a day, a weekend, a week, where the only gadgets you play with are each other.

3. The Gift of Time. This is related to engaging. If you are two people who seem to only pass in the hallway and exchange scheduling of who is taking the kid where, perhaps you should schedule the time to spend with one another. My wife and I have started a weekly lunch date. It's been awesome. Tie? iPad? No Thanks.

4. The Gift of Grace. We tend to be hardest on those we are closest to and the one we share our life with—our spouse. We become numb to who they are, the newness of our relationship is no longer present, and we feel that we can say and do anything, because the only egg shells we have are "The ones he left in the sink this morning, why didn't he put them in the trash?!" Instead of jumping on them immediately, give them grace. Be gentle in your approach and see what happens.

5. The Gift of Touch. Not sexual touch, though it may lead there eventually. Just regular touches through the day. Find opportunities to hold hands, touch a shoulder or the small of the back. Kiss more often—if just little pecks.

6. The Gift of a Smile. When you are at that Christmas party, and you catch the eye of your spouse, give them a smile. Then, remember that feeling throughout the year. Practice the smile often.


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