Thursday, November 11, 2010


If you've ever wondered what your favorite TV show says about you, you're in luck: An advertising research group called Mindset Media studied seven popular shows, and the common characteristics of the people who watch them. Check this out:

#1.) "Mad Men": People who watch it are 41% more likely to be creative and socially liberal. And they also prefer trendier brands . . . so they go for Macs over PCs.

#2.) "Family Guy": You're 61% more likely to watch it if you consider yourself a "rebel." And you're 50% more likely to watch if you're a risk taker.

#3.) "Glee": "Glee" viewers are more likely to be creative and willing to try new things. Creative types are 17% more likely to tune in, and people who search out unique and diverse experiences are 24% more likely to watch.

#4.) "Dancing With The Stars": People who like stability and respect authority are 21% more likely to watch it than people who are more rebellious.

#5.) "The Office": You're more likely to be an ELITIST. People who consider themselves superior to others are 47% more likely to watch. And viewers are also more likely to brag about their accomplishments than the average person.

#6.) "The Biggest Loser": Viewers are 24% more likely to be traditional rather than rebellious. And they're 20% more likely to watch it if they consider themselves to be practical and realistic.

#7.) "The Real Housewives": Not surprisingly, people who speak their minds and don't shy away from arguments are 33% more likely to watch. And type-A personalities are 25% more likely to watch.


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