Monday, November 22, 2010


If there is SOMEONE in your life deserving of a transforming day @ Urbanna, let us know about him or her. Maybe it’s your best friend who has always been there for you. Maybe your child’s teacher… Maybe your mom.

We want to help you reward the person in your life who has made a difference and MAKEOVER THEIR MONDAY with Urbanna’s Sixth Sense Massage, Tropical Elements Facial and a pedicure service with amazing aromas… One of the aromas you can choose from is chocolate. NOT KIDDING… it will make your day too. And Urbanna is a SPA GEM here in Spokane. You walk and are INSTANTLY relaxed. The massages are TO DIE FOR. Bob said his feet LOVED the pedicure.

So tell us about him or her – email us @ Make sure to include your name and phone number.

You can visit Urbanna's website @

Ashley nominated her mom Goldie!


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