Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk. He's also the happiest man in the world. Literally, the happiest. They've done MRI scans and his brain has basically NO negative emotions. Here are five tips from Ricard on how YOU can be happy too.

#1.) Meditation. When you meditate you train your mind. So you can actually teach yourself to block out negativity and keep yourself emotionally balanced.

#2.) Don't be a pushover. If someone makes you angry, let them know. That way you let your anger out and it actually goes away quicker than holding it in.

#3.) Don't worry about being sad. It's okay to be sad. It's not incompatible with happiness. Sadness can help you feel compassion, and doesn't stand in the way of you doing good things.

#4.) Don't tie your happiness to wealth, fame or power. When your ambition is tied to getting rich and famous, you put your hopes and fears into other people's hands. Focus your ambition on becoming a better person instead.

#5.) The answer to your problems can be helping other people. When you step back and help people other than yourself... underprivileged kids, for example... it quickly puts everything into perspective for you.


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