Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Spokane is home to JESSICA UNDERWOOD, the WORLD'S FASTEST SANDWICH MAKER. She beat out 144 other sandwich artists from around the world to win the Sub-Jammer title -- her record is a foot-long sub in 45.3 seconds. IMPRESSIVE!

We raced Jessica to see how fast we could make HUGE Subway sandwiches.
Jessica won in under TWO minutes. Melissa came in second -- but a secret -- she worked at Subway for a month when she was 16, and Bob came in third.

We then took several feet of sandwiches donated by Subway down to the UNION GOSPEL MISSION. We were so excited that they were willing to accept our donation. Thanks to Russell and everyone at the MISSION for all of the hard work and outreach you do for the people of Spokane. It costs $1.79 for a meal at Union Gospel. To donate, check out their website here, and see all the wonderful work they do.


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