Wednesday, September 22, 2010


According to Prevention magazine, satisfying friendships can protect against obesity, depression and heart disease -- among other health problems.

Here are 8 types of friends you should have ...

1. The Childhood Friend -- They have stored memories of you that no one else does and remind you that you are still the person you've always been.

2. New Friend -- Newly acquired friends have no pre-conceived notions about you and can often pull you out of a rut.

3. A Workout Friend -- She'll drag you out for a jog or Zumba class when you would rather be eating ice cream on the couch.

4. A Spiritual Friend -- Being part of a spiritual community helps people stay resilient and keeps you out of the self-pity party.

5. A Younger Friend -- Mentoring young friends can satisfy your "nurturing side."

6. Your Partner's Friends -- The more a couple's friends and family commingle, the happier the marriage.

7. Your Mom -- Despite the inevitable conflicts between mother and daughter, the bond is a comforting and valuable one.

8. Yourself -- Give yourself the same love and respect you would give a friend. No skimping on this friendship!


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