Monday, May 3, 2010

WINDS are nuts.... WOW

Standard insurance policies typically cover wind damage to homes and businesses, but not to vehicles unless the auto policy-holder has optional comprehensive coverage, according to the Northwest Insurance Council.

Typical coverage includes:

• Damage to homes from wind and fallen trees.

• Removal of trees that have fallen on buildings.

• Damaged personal property inside a building.

• Living expenses if damage renders a home unlivable.

• Cost of temporary repair to prevent further damage.

Typically not covered:

• Removal of fallen trees that have not damaged buildings.

What to do if your home is damaged:

• Document, photograph damage.

• Make temporary repairs to prevent further damage from wind or rain. Save receipts for reimbursement.

• Contact insurance agent immediately.

• Use only licensed contractor. Obtain building permits.

What not to do:

• Avoid contractors who has for large deposits up front or remarkably low bids.

• Don’t pay significant amounts for temporary repairs without contacting insurance agent.

• Don’t throw away damaged property before it has been examined by an insurance adjuster.

• For more information, visit or call (800) 664-4942.


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