Thursday, May 27, 2010


(Newser) – One of the pitfalls of being a lusted-after celebrity: You might find yourself in the middle of a nasty divorce… of two people you’ve never met. That’s what’s happening to Garth Brooks, ContactMusic reports, who was named the "other man" in one Connecticut couple's divorce. “My wife would leave the house for periods of time indicating that she was ‘going to meet Garth,’” alleges the husband in divorce papers, adding that she used the country singer’s name to make him jealous.

“She claimed to be contacting him by email, cell phone, and in person,” the hubby continues—but his wife tells the National Enquirer, “I have never met Garth Brooks. My husband was also doing drugs, and when I found out, I stopped letting him see my son. That's when they cooked up this rumor I was having an affair with Garth Brooks.”


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