Monday, May 24, 2010

Ever Have Your CC # Stolen Like Melissa?!

Well, you know what a pain in the ass it is!

Once you find out, you need to place a fraud alert on your credit report, which you do through one of the main three credit bureaus.

Equifax 1-800-525-6285Equifax Fraud Division
Experian 1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742)
TransUnion 1-800-680-7289

Once initiated, a fraud alert should be placed on your credit file at all three major credit bureaus within 24 hours. When you place a fraud alert on your credit file, you're entitled to request free copies of your credit reports. If you find inaccurate or fraudulent information, get it removed. See
fixing a credit report mistake to learn how. You may also request that only the last four digits of your Social Security number will appear on your credit reports.


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